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Long Cut's Debut Single "Country Roads" Isn't Your Typical Backroads Country Song

Get ready for a song that you're about to be CRANKIN all summer long (as Kid Rock would say). Long Cut, the hick-hop duo out of Colorado, has just hit the air waves with the release of their debut single "Country Roads". Now I know in todays country music climate, there's about a million songs about a singer's most favorite backroad. However, with "Country Roads", Long Cut has taken this often overly played out concept and done something completely new and different with it.

The song kicks off with a thundering "We Will Rock You"-esque drum beat and moves right along to these two MC's perfectly blended vocals singing the hook. "Dotted lines fly by on the highway got my old dog in the bed of my truck/Got my windows down and my stereo loud and my 33's kicking up dust/Just me and the road and a little Demon Jones and their ain't a single cop in sight/My cups full of spit so I'm gutting this dip and I'm thinking bout home tonight." This badass hook with a rough and scratchy mid-range voice on top of a smooth and rumbling low voice below... Perfection.

After they get through the hook, the beat drops fully. The drum beat becomes more intricate, a crunchy and twangy electric guitar is introduced, and there's an ever so subtle fiddle part in the background that freaking RIPS. This is where these country boys show off a little bit of their hick-hop chops. Spitting bars like they spit their dip, they take you on a wild country roads ride unlike any you've ever been on before.

I personally have never been big on the whole country rap train (except of course my love affair with Cowboy Troy), but these guys have something special that caught my attention and is definitely worth checking out. The music is well composed and produced. The lyrics are playful, but purposeful and extremely clever. This song will definitely be on my #WindowsCrankedDownMusicCrankedUpSummerPlaylist. Looking forward to what's next to come from this exciting and eccentric duo!

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