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REVIEW: Matt Farris Gets Redneck with Debut Album

By: Matt Burrill

What is it that makes a good country album? Is it a record filled with party anthems and drinking songs? Or maybe a compilation of sad ole time country ballads?

The answer any country music lover will give you is both, or what I call a complete album, such as Matt Farris’ self-titled debut album.

matt farris review

Farris, an Arizona native, made major strides into country music in late 2011 when he drew the attention of SkyTone Entertainment owner and veteran producer Frank Green. Only two years into their partnership, the dynamic duo of Farris and Green has put together a highly successful album.

Farris and his team released 3 singles: “Redneck Radio”, “Resident Redneck” and most recently “She’s Done”, which hit the airwaves earlier this week.

To complement the 3 successful singles, Farris and Green included patriotic country boy anthems “Tradition” and “Redneck Attitude,” plus traditional ballad songs “Me Or The Whiskey” and “Walking On The Edge.”

Farris and Green also fulfill an important aspect of every record, great and very fitting beginning and end tracks. The album starts off with true party anthem “Party In The Makin’,” a great song for drawing listeners in. Capping off the record is a live version of “Tell Me That You Love Me” a slow-paced romantic tune that rounds out the conclusion of the record.

If you consider yourself a redneck, blue-collar, or just a simple fan of country music looking to have a good time, Matt Farris is most certainly the artist for you!

“She’s Done”, “Redneck Radio” and the complete Matt Farris album are all available for purchase on iTunes.

For more information on Matt Farris you can check out his Facebook, Twitter and!

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