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Seth Ennis - Woke Up In Nashville Review

Seth Ennis, quickly rising country singer, recently released his debut single, “Woke Up in Nashville.” Honestly, what is not to love about this song? Upon first hearing it, I had ALL the feels. The premise of the song is a man who is pursuing his dream as a musician but loses the love of his life in the process. He comes to this realization and longs to have this woman back, and would give up his dream for her.

Through his honest and heart tugging lyrics, Seth expresses that his dream isn’t worth it if she isn’t a part of his life. All he can think about is her. The chorus is basically his monologue toward her via phone.

Thought everything I wanted was in this town, but you were all that I needed all along, yeah it took me long enough, but I woke up… I woke up in Nashville

The song starts out really stripped down and raw, which helps express the depth and emotion perfectly. Simple piano block chords lead Ennis’s voice in. The final line of the pre-chorus compliments the chorus very well- “Dreaming’s just sleepin’ here without you”. The clever play on words here drives his point forward flawlessly. The chorus goes by, then comes the heart-wrenching lyrics of the second verse. By this time, all of the instruments have entered, and the song continues to build.

Those Broadway lights don’t shine the way that your eyes did, when they were staring back, right back at mine. Been trying to live with only half of my heart, just sleep walking in the Tennessee dark. If I can’t make every memory with you,” (and here comes that lead-in line again), “ then dreaming’s just sleeping here without you.”

After another chorus passes, the bridge comes in. This bridge is the peak of the song, showing the urgency and emotional upset Seth Ennis is feeling from his realization:

I woke up

in a cold sweat, catchin’ my breath,

Dropping my pride, And dropping you a line

I don't know where you are

I don't know who you're with

I don't know what to say

But I'm saying it

Do yourself a favor, and give this song a listen!

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