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Ariana Grande Releases Newest Album, Positions

2019 was a successful year for pop powerhouse Ariana Grande with the release of her record-breaking album thank u, next. Now she's returned with her brand-new full-length project, positions. On the 14-track album, she explores themes of trust, grief, and love, along with witty lyrics alluding to risqué themes and innuendos. 

Throughout the project, Grande is learning how to trust again. She sings her troubles in love - her lyrics show she's both excited to fall in love again and terrified of it. Her song "Motive" featuring Doja Cat questions a potential love interest's intentions before she commits. "Do you want a trophy or do you wanna sport me, baby?" Doja Cat asks. Among the deep feelings, she also also expresses her excitement about her achievements thus far. In "Just Like Magic," she continually references the Law of Attraction and the karma which she feels has been given back to her by the universe. She touches on grief subtly, weaving it into the lyrics about love. The Weeknd joins her on "Off The Table," where she opens in question: "Will I ever love the same way again?" Her heartache is almost able to be felt through the ballad as she cries in her vocals, with The Weeknd reassuring her back and forth. 

Overall, the album is full of slow, melodically blissful R&B jams in her usual delicate yet fierce style. Overflowing with emotion brought to life by her colorful vocals, positions paints a vivid picture of her newfound happiness in life. Although her struggles with love are prevalent, it's clear she's not overthinking or in a bad place with it. Be sure to stream and download positions everywhere now - you won't want to miss her enchanting, emotive album. 


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