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"Dumber" by Emily Weisband is an Empowering Story of Growth

     Emily Weisband radiates confidence in her most recent single, "Dumber," the first look at her upcoming EP Not Afraid to Say Goodbye. The empowering single tells Weisband's story of growth after the end of a toxic relationship, and follows her in the start of a new one. 

     Her lyrics in the beginning recall a relationship in which she took the backseat and allowed herself to be manipulated, and ended up doing things she now regrets. It's revealed she's talking to a current potential love interest, and she notices he's beginning to act like her ex. The assertive chorus lets him know she's changed, and she won't let herself be manipulated again. "That might have worked when I was dumber / But you're not with the old me," she sings. She continues to sing about her growth, and laments that she'll never act like she did with her ex for another guy again. In the beginning she sings over a mellow bassline & snaps, and as her confidence grows in the lyrics the heaviness of the beat and depth of the melody grow to mirror her newfound strength. 

     The single will be included in Not Afraid to Say Goodbye, set for release on November 13th. The EP will follow the release of her debut album Identity Crisis back in 2019. The Nashville-based Grammy winner has written for an impressive list of artists in Music City, including Camila Cabello, Keith Urban, and Dan + Shay. "Dumber" is available to download and stream everywhere while you wait on the release of Not Afraid to Say Goodbye


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