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Eli Lev’s “Vacation” is a Reminder of Finding Joy in the Mundane

Rising singer-songwriter and global citizen Eli Lev is making the world a smaller place, one song at a time. Eli pens lyrics and melodies for everyday enlightenment—songs that resonate because they’re heartfelt, earthy, and offer the wisdom he’s gained through lifelong travel and self-discovery.

Eli Lev ́s latest single ̈Vacation ̈is a relaxing, blissed out musical escape from reality. This three minute track can be called Laidback , Indie acoustic pop with lyrics that inspire enlightened thoughts about travel, self discovery, and the majesty of our Earth. Inspired by the pandemic, “Vacation” is about finding the fun in the everyday during a time when we were all stuck at home.

“Escape! Travel! Movement! These three things were essentially non-existent and forbidden for two years during the pandemic so I wrote Vacation as a way to remind myself that everyday I could put myself in the same mental state if I was thankful for my partner and everything we had in life,” shares Eli. “We could be each other's escape and peaceful feeling. I wrote this song turning all the mundane tasks of everyday living during the pandemic into something exotic and special and interesting - kind of like an extremely long vacation!”

“Vacation” is a folk pop song with a Lumineers meets Jason Mraz and a hint of modern Jonas Brothers.

Lev has previously released three tracks, in 2020 and 2021, which form his upcoming debut EP called Walk.Talk.Dance.Sing to be released this April. He shares “Walk.Talk.Dance.Sing was inspired by the entire range of emotions that we all went through as the world around us changed overnight, and we reimagined what our lives could be like and how we connect with each other as human beings over two years of a pandemic. The writing process was fraught with isolation and yearning for creativity and connection, but also each song a miracle in the fact that it even came to existence during a lockdown. Virtual sessions, remote jam sessions, online collaborations, and masked recording time in the studio came to fruition in these five singles. I wanted to convey a message of humanity and hope, that anything and everything is possible no matter the odds, and that it is up to us to create our communities in our own image of strength and positivity.”

Stay current with Eli Lev on his website and his social media channels Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Stream music on YouTube, Spotify, and Soundcloud.


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