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Eva Grace Taps Into Vulnerable Emotion in 'Still Cry Sometimes'

“I hope that people can relate to wishing they could forget all of the pain caused by their partner, whether its’ a past or current partner. This song can apply to someone who is mourning the loss of the relationship before it even fully ends."

It might be a month, a year, or even a number of years before an heart has totally moved on from a past love. The fact is, we all still cry sometimes, and Eva Grace knows it well enough to put music to that thought. Arizona based singer/songwriter Eva Grace takes a turn from her usual sugary pop songs in her sadly nostalgic new single, “Still Cry Sometimes”.

She does, however, still manage to make it a relevant, danceable track. Pairing with a groovy rhythm she pens unforgettable lyrics: “There’s no drug to get me high enough to forget the ways you messed me up, there’s no pill that can erase my mind, I still cry sometimes." Eva Grace shows her ability to mix relatability, memorable melodies and thumping synth lines in this ethereal yet down to earth pop track, “I Still Cry Sometimes”.

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