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Nate DiRuzza Sings On Human Desire For Love In “I and You”

American singer-songwriter and recording artist Nate DiRuzza renders a plea for love in new single, “I and You.” The track draws the listener through a Romeo & Juliet narrative highlighting a romantic desire for love. Although “I and You” is a hopeful plea for love and affection, the cheerful 70s composition makes it an essential anthem for summer.

DiRuzza told his co-writer, Ed Cathown, “I wanna be the man she finally says i love you to. I wanna be her everything and wanna be this and that.” The two decided to apply DiRuzza’s authenticity and run with emotion-infused lyrics. “So as I'm pouring my feelings out in our write, it made sense to just say what was on my mind. I wanna be.....all these things, and now that's how the lyrics are.”

“I and You” combines several genre elements to create a country/rock track with a nostalgic 1970s feel. Nate wanted to keep the song simplified, allowing the heavy electric guitar tremolo effects to lead. The single is just a preliminary of what is to come - a full album due in late 2022. The album will highlight DiRuzza’s creative journey through his wrestling with love and affection.

"I and You" is available now for pre-save on Spotify, and will be available everywhere April 13. For more on Nate DiRuzza, follow @natediruzza on social media and visit


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