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Tony Mantor Inspires Motivation in Newest "Why Not Me" Video

As a veteran in the music industry, Tony Mantor knows how it feels to have obstacles or setbacks block his once seemingly clear path. The motivation you have within yourself is the most important, and Mantor has decided to use his new adult contemporary version of “Why Not Me” to help inspire listeners to keep going.

Singing “I’ll never know if I don’t try. Yeah I might fail or I might fall, it’s just a mountain after all,” Mantor describes the determination that it can take to reach your dreams. By teaming up with the Autistic community, Mantor hopes that the message of his new music video will “help at least one person by promoting autism awareness, acceptance and understanding.”

“The song and the video show the endurance of people to fulfill their dreams. And that’s exactly what I hope people get out of this project, I hope they are motivated to keep chasing their dreams,” says Mantor.

Check out the music video below and visit for more on Tony Mantor.


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