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REVIEW: Ashley Barron - "It Might Get Loud"

By: Amy Sandel

Breakthrough female country artist Ashley Barron is making crowds everywhere get up out of their seat and get down with her album, "It Might Get Loud." Barron’s carving her niche into the female country artist landscape by boldly giving the world a glimpse into her life experiences through her lyrics and music.


The album is the first for the country songstress. With the help of renowned music producer Bobby Zoppi, Barron was able to find her voice. Zoppi and Barron take an artistic approach which gives the album its edge while not straying too far from the true blue country sound.

Barron turns it up and turns it on in the title track, “It Might Get Loud,” as she reminds you "What you see ain't always what you get." It’s the perfect way to describe this sweet, mild-mannered country girl in relation to many of her rousing, rockin’ tracks. Other standout tracks, including “90 Proof” and “A Patch,” solidify the album as a whole, making this effort a huge upward bound for Barron’s rising star power.

Watch out Miranda and Carrie! For being Barron’s first professional run in the world of country music, she’s already driving her old pickup truck along the dirt road to the top of the charts.

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