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Toby Keith Puts Out Latest Drinking Anthem, “Drunk Americans”

By Matt Burrill


For years Toby Keith has been the king of party and patriotic country, with hits like “Made in America,” “Get Drunk and Be Somebody” and of course “Red Solo Cup.”

You would think that after all these years the man who has been putting out hits for over two decades would run out of ideas, then when we least expected it Toby surprised us all with his latest single “Drunk Americans.”

The premise of the song is a little different than most of Toby’s patriotic jams in that instead of leaning more to the pro-conservative side, which he accustomed too, he presents a message of unity. Unity of races, political parties, religions and social classes; indicating of course that we are all “Drunk Americans.”

This November 2014 release has been a hit with country radio and a staple on Toby’s tour.

As for the “Drunk Americans” video, it’s very easy to see a comparison to an earlier hit of Toby’s,” American Ride” which uses a Jib jab like animation that is highly informal and comedic.

The video features celebrities, politicians, animals and basically every demographic featured in the population of the US. Even country music legends Willie Nelson and Hank Jr. got in on the fun!

With this latest hit, Toby Keith has proven that he isn’t going anywhere and will continue to be a staple in the party and neo-traditional facets of country music. This longtime entertainer is far from putting down his guitar and calling it quits.

The single “Drunk Americans” is available for purchase on iTunes.

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