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Review: Adley Stump's Album "Like This" By Patricia Zubrod

Adley Stump's album has great potential to be a big hit. She expresses self confidence while touching the hearts of listeners in many ways. Many of her songs portray the words of a strong woman standing up for the things she believes in. Adley doesn't sound like a girl who is going to sit around and take anything she doesn't deserve. Like This portrays the self confidence every woman should have, especially after being left for another woman. This song describes the feelings about another woman who will never equal up to what you are. It's a powerful way to say, you're better than you that. However, that doesn't mean she's all strength. "Never Read This" is a powerful song about the sorrows of a cheating lover and although she knows she wishes she never found out. You can't forget her very touching song, "Stay at Home Soldier" which has already been a big hit, especially around Memorial Day. "Stay at Home Solider" is about those who stand behind the people who serve us. The power in this song should touch the heart of every American and make them grateful for those who serve us as well as their strong families.

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