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Irlene Mandrell "We Will Stand" By Meredith Ansel

Texas native’s, Irlene Mandrell has released a new country single that is creating quite the buzz; ‘We Will Stand’ not only highlights Mandrell’s own affection for The United States, but it also captures just how essential our country’s steadfast union is. Each time I listen to ‘We Will Stand’ I find myself truly remembering how proud and lucky I am to be an American, as well as reflecting on the presence of a greater good. Furthermore, considering that music is often sought for personal applicability, it’s appreciable that ‘We Will Stand” has such a patriotic theme of continuing relevance. While the lyrics in ‘We Will Stand’ tell a story of hope and strength, the musical accompaniment and raw feeling of which they are sung, really tie it into a fantastic listen. So go ahead; turn on ‘We Will Stand’ right now, as it’s on its way to becoming a timeless hit that is sure to quench any country music craving.

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