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Chris Stapleton's "Traveller"

Chris Stapleton is something else. Both Southern and Western influenced, the artful release is packed with songs that can each stand alone. It’s no surprise that Chris Stapleton’s “Traveller” has claimed the number one spot on the "Billboard Country Albums" chart. The CMA show-stealer has a massive range and melodies that are timeless, effortless, anti-mainstream, and yet commercial in an entirely new way. The acclaimed songwriter has delivered his own album with more soul than most twenty-first century artists are capable of, and does so in a fresh and authentic way. The seventies-era production is whimsical, yet down to earth, and also energizing, yet a lullaby.

The opening track, “Traveller”, is no doubt a track to repeat over and over again, but the album deserves full attention. Following “Traveller” is “Fire Away”, a matter of fact track about venimous words spewed in a relationship. My favorite lyric is, “Well I wish I could say that I’ve never been here before, but you know and I know that I’ll always come back for more. Your love might be my damnation, but I’ll cry to my grave. Fire Away.”

“Tennessee Whiskey”, the show-stopping song Stapleton and Justin Timberlake performed at the CMAs, is made complete by the vocals of Stapleton’s wife and stage partner, Morgane. Few can follow George Jones with a comparable release, but Stapleton does and fits “Tennessee Whiskey” seamlessly with his originals.

The twelve song album is hard pressed for a “best lyric”, but if forced, I’d pick, “Come tomorrow, I can walk in any store… It ain’t a problem, they’ll always sell me more. But your forgiveness… Well that’s something I can’t buy. There ain’t a thing I can do. That’s the difference between whiskey and you.” An overall impression of the album might be that it is both raw and refined- a consequence of Stapleton’s “real” vocals and writing.

Check out Chris Stapleton's website HERE

Purchase "Traveller" on iTunes HERE

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