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Malachi Gagnon is Hoping You "Think About Me"

Malachi Gagnon

Malachi Gagnon is a viral 16 year old who captivated the internet with his covers and pop-country originals. Now, he's showing off his true creative artistry with an organic, new sound in his new single, "Think About Me." Built on heartbreak, hope and his hometown, Malachi's music possesses unbridled honesty. "Think About Me" is no exception.

“'Think About Me' is a song that I wrote in my room, on my Taylor guitar about wanting to know if your ex thinks about you the way you still think about them,” confesses Gagnon about a feeling all too relatable.

The severely relatable track notes the vulnerable thoughts after a breakup, wondering if your ex thinks about you the same way you still think about them. "Think About Me" marks Malachi Gagnon's 10th release, with vulnerable lyrics and production that builds throughout the track. For this first release of 2024, the small town New Hampshire native goes on a musical exploration leaning toward Folk-Pop and Alt-Country.

"I had written hundreds of songs and I felt like I kept being pulled in a more grounded, folksy/singer songwriter style with every song I wrote," states Gagnon, who possesses over 4.5M streams on Spotify alone. "I started listening to Noah Kahan, The Lumineers, Gregory Alan Isakov and a few others who encompass that vibe and drew a ton of inspiration from them."

Take a listen to "Think About Me" and go follow this viral teen music artist!


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