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Gold Coast's Chloe Styler Drops "Read A Room"

Hailing from Australia, “Yeehaw Pop” artist Chloe Styler brings a Gold Coast glam to the Music City scene. Her new song “Read A Room” paints pictures of a short-lived youthful relationship with an extravagant and colorful palette. A song with boundless charm and personality “Read A Room” is about learning how to navigate life by yourself and being able to give yourself what you need when others can’t.

The song is a defiant and resilient piece about new-found independence. Witty and subversive, "Read A Room" has more to offer past the first listen. It captures the crux of teenage anxieties and lessons learned overtop a lighthearted country backdrop. 

Take a listen to Chloe Styler's "Read A Room" below!


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