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April Kry Cover's Beiber's "Love Yourself"

Justin Bieber’s latest single, “Love Yourself” details the separation of two estranged lovers, thanks to a cheating partner. Sure, this story has been told time and time again by different artists, but this time around, the cheating partner is in love with herself. An ego tears apart a beautiful relationship, and leaves poor Justin in tears, alone with his tattoos and bleached-blonde hair. While many of us are growing tired of hearing about this young blonde, a new beautiful blonde has stepped onto the scene and covered Bieber’s latest single: April Kry. Having garnered a YouTube following, April Kry releases her original content to supportive fans, who also love her covers of popular tunes in country style. Her approach is, well, approachable; she makes you feel as if you’re viewing the story through the eyes of the artist that she’s paying tribute to.

For her cover of Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself,” Kry sits cross-legged on a hardwood floor, with a determined smile on her face, and a firm grip on the sleeves of her sweater. Soft acoustic guitar fills the room, providing her with plenty of musical canvas to paint with soft-spoken verses and soaring choruses. She looks her viewers right in the eyes and tells Justin’s story in a way that makes you believe that she was the abandoned lover- not Justin. Her soft smiles and beautiful voice are nothing short of a phenomenal combination, effortless combining smooth elements of pop music with a twinge of twang from down south. I’d hardly call this a cover. Her delivery is flawless, and her rendition is original. Covers are often too close to the original version, and this rendition of “Love Yourself” is truly a story in it of itself.


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