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Lily Nelsen's "Heartbeat Soundtrack" Review By Gina Gaca

Lily Nelsen’s new album Heartbeat Soundtrack is just that; a soundtrack of her heartfelt loves and let downs that so many young women experience. The pop-country sound of Heartbeat Soundtrack is extremely catchy and the honest lyrics really make you feel like you have a friend out there, somewhere, that knows what you’re going through. “Next Ex” portrays Nelsen’s “been there, done that, over it” attitude and it’s the perfect pick-me-up after getting out of a relationship with the “player.” “Don’t Call Me Babe” is another favorite where Nelsen puts an ex in their place when they slap her with the dreaded “I still want to be friends” comment that no young woman wants to hear. “For the Love of It” takes jabs at the superficial side of the music industry, questioning why image is more important than doing what you love. The catchy drums and upbeat style of Nelsen’s music makes for an easy and enjoyable listen. Overall, this album has a tune for every stage of love and love lost. Whatever your mood, check it out!

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