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Callie Twisselman's EP single "Party Lights" Review

When Callie first arrived in Music City, she was incredibly overwhelmed by the large amount of talent swarming the streets and the determination of these up and coming artists. But with determination, Callie recorded her first CD within several years and gained much experience in this small amount of time. She learned the importance of good lyrics, high quality musicians and became more of a perfectionist in her work.

​Fast forward to February of 2015 when Callie released her five-song EP, Party Lights. The first single, “Breathe” made the Top 30 on MusicRow’s Country Breakout and caught the attention of many country fans. The next single, “Hung Up On The Line,” also hit the Top 30 very quickly. The title of her latest single by the name of the EP was inspired by her friend’s backyard that had string lights hung up all over the yard, while Twisselman played her guitar. All she wanted to do was capture this moment and give it a fun and light-hearted feel lyrically.

The single “Party Lights” is about a girl just hanging out with friends at a house party and having a fun time while listening to good music. Callie created the feel of the song to be very upbeat and groovy to give the listeners a joyful and happy sense. It’s a very catchy and flirty song that makes you want to dance and sing along. Twisselman captured a hooky country pop song that attracts too many people.

Twisselman is CRAZY talented so you better be watching out for her new music! To check out the lively vibe she’s got going on, visit

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