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Ariana Hodes' "Last Night's Makeup"

In Ariana Hodes’ new EP Last Night’s Makeup she successfully mixes her unique garage-country sound with her powerful voice. Similar to female vocalists of the ‘70s, Hodes’ sound is different and intriguing. The first track on the EP called “Workin’ To Drink” mixes her long swingy drawls with a punk rock feel that connects the feelings of a long work day to just wanting a dang drink! Her second single “Beggin”, with its fast paced rock beat mixed with twangy strings will be sure to “Get your butt out on this floor” as Hodes says throughout the chorus. A more somber side of Hodes is shown in her track titled “Never Lose Sight.”A slow song with crying strings encourages listeners to not lose sight of love and appreciate it when it is in the palm of your hand. “Last Night’s Makeup”, the title track on Hodes’ EP shows the eerie vibe in Hodes’ voice which exemplifies the feeling of waking up next to a stranger and the confusion one can feel afterwards. Last Night’s Makeup shows the diverse artist that Hodes is. With a sound that sets her apart from the country music Nashville is known for, we’re excited to watch this unique artist grow.

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