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Brett Eldredges New Music Video for "Wanna be that Song"

Brett Eldredge just released a new music video for his single, “Wanna Be That Song,” from his most recent album, Illinois and boy are we stoked about it! According to People Magazine’s interview with Eldredge, it was one of the greatest experiences of his entire career. The heart-warming love song will give you butterflies and leave you wanting more from Eldredge.

The “Wanna Be That Song” video is much different than Eldredge’s past videos. The majority of it is in black and white, giving the song a romantic and charming vibe. The setting is Wrigley Baseball Field in Chicago, a very personal location to Eldredge having grown up three hours outside the city. The music video features a 1940’s superstar baseball player, illustrating the big events in life that shape you as a person. It doesn’t hurt that Brett’s looking pretty darn good himself in the video!

This romantic video will make your heart shine and have you smiling bright! Brett Eldredge captured what it means to love in this song very well and will have a crowd beaming instantly. To check out Brett’s soulful song and dreamy eyes, visit:

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