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Country Music Stars Read “Mean Tweets” on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Watch This!

Jimmy Kimmel’s “Mean Tweets” sketch comes back – country style. After the CMA awards on Wednesday, some of the biggest stars in country music willingly participated in getting dissed by some of the meanest people on the internet. All of them were good sports about it and had a great laugh over it.

The video kicks off with Trace Adkins reading the tweet – “Just because you have a beard, a ponytail and a cowboy hat, doesn’t mean you can sing. You know how I know? Trace Adkins.”

Florida Georgia Line got dissed by a tweeter who said the duo was created in a “d**che factory.” They responded by jokingly stating it was “right down the road.”

One fan criticized Jana Kramer for having a “fake” Texas accent, from which she responded by thickening her accent and thanking the tweeter. Next, someone took a dig at Cassadee Pope for her arm tattoo.

One especially-mean tweeter commented on Miranda Lambert’s forehead. “In case of a national emergency, all air traffic will be redirected to Miranda Lambert’s forehead.” Another tweet landed on Maren Morris for looking like “Jennifer Lawrence less attractive sister.”

Even some of country music’s greatest icons were in on the action. “It’s not a hooker convention, it’s a Dolly Parton concert,” said one tweet. Dolly laughed it off. Willie Nelson read a tweet that stated, “Willie Nelson, you’re getting crusty, pal.” Nelson got a kick out of that one.

We highly recommend watching this video. There is no way you can get through the whole video without laughing at least once.

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