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The Maverick's latest LP "Brand New Day" is a Refreshing Taste of the Old School Count

It's hard to accurately sum up the career of The Mavericks in just a few words. First of all, they began in the late 80's playing in the punk/alternative scene of Miami, Florida, frequently playing on the same bill as acts like Marilyn Manson. Wait.. what...? This may give you an odd idea of what this band could possibly sound like, and might make you wonder why Crank it Country would be doing a review for a band like this. However, their music is actually a rocking and eclectic mix of neotraditional country, Latin styles, and rockabilly.

After releasing an independent, self-titled album in 1990, they signed with MCA Records in Nashville and released their first major label recording in 1992. They were active from this point until 2004, where they took an indefinite hiatus to pursue their own projects. They made their return in 2012 with a reunion tour and then signed to Big Machine Records where they released two albums and an EP.

Now, in 2017, The Mavericks have released their latest album, "Brand New Day", under their own label, Mono Mundo Recordings. Putting on this record is like stepping into a time machine that takes you back to the 50's and 60's. Singer Raul Malo has a truly vintage, operatic voice, reminiscent of the likes of Roy Orbison and Elvis Presley with more of a country twang.

This album is loaded with optimism and positivity. The aptly titled "Brand New Day" is all about putting the crap behind you and having a positive outlook for the future.

Now, being on their own label with no restrictions, they seem to have found a new sense of freedom in all aspects of life and are able to cement this feeling into the record. In the first track, Malo croons, "Don't fix what ain't broken while Willie's still smoking, we'll just keep rolling along". This chorus is pretty much the mantra of this album, stressing not to sweat the small stuff and to roll with the punches that life throws at you.

If you're having a bad day, 10 out of 10 would recommend blasting the title track in your car with the windows down. The powerful belting of, "Baby tomorrow's a brand new day, we're gonna love all our troubles away" is beautifully reassuring and will fill you up with the confidence needed to take on your next day.

Stop waiting around and add this wonderful and care-free record to your summer playlist immediately!

Key Tracks: Rolling Along, Brand New Day, Easy as it Seems, I Wish You Well

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