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Going Round and Round with Madelyn Victoria on Her Song "He Only Loves Me on the Dance Floor&qu

Madelyn Victoria CRANKS out country music from Texas like a pro! She takes a very traditionalist, old-school approach to country and embellishes what made the genre so special from the beginning! We were able to catch up with her and ask her a few questions about her single "He Only Loves Me on the Dance Floor", her influences, and what's next for her!

Q: Did you write "He Only Loves Me on the Dance Floor" and is there a story behind it?

A: Yes, I did write it! This was about 5 years ago... I had so much inspiration from all the south Texas Country dance halls I'd hang out around, and all the different love stories that I witnessed on the dance floor- from new love to heartaches. I decided to write from the perspective of a girl who is unsure about a guy who may or may not love her but one thing is for certain- he only loves her on the dance floor. Everyone can relate to it on some level and use my story/song in their own lives. I want to thank everyone who has giving so much support to this song!

Q: Who are your fav singers?

A: I get very technical when it comes to choosing who my favorite singers, artists, etc. are. When I think about my favorite singers I think of my favorite "voices". So with that said, my favorite singers are Ray Charles, Chris Stapleton, Whitney Houston, and Josh Turner- I can listen to them sing all day!

Q: If you were to describe your style, who do you resemble?

A: I actually don't focus so much on who I resemble- I try to focus on how original and different I can be. If anything I hope my style to sort of resemble George Strait's music. People have told me a variety of different artists who they think I sound like from Patsy Cline to Sara Evans, but that still only focuses on my voice. I want my over-all style to be, just me!

Q: Where can we hear your music?

A: My music is all over the internet! You could download my music off of iTunes or Amazon Music, or if you are a streamer- I am on Spotify, iHeart Radio, and more!

Q: What's next for you & your music?

A: I am so excited for the next single release! I have been working hard behind the scenes, and little by little it is coming together. It is called "Right Here with You", so stay tuned!

Check out the video for the song "He Only Loves Me on the Dance Floor" below and stay tuned for more to come from Madelyn!

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