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Catching up with Clint Stanton on Life and His Debut Album "Walk in my Footsteps"

Kentucky based musician, Clint Stanton, released his debut album May 24th! It's a record with a ton of heart and honesty that is representative of his experiences and journey through life! We were able to have him tell us a little bit about the meaning behind the project, performing, and his inspirations!

Q: So tell us about your new album and what it means to you?

A: My first single "Walk in my Footsteps " is already being pitched to radio after an in studio sample was posted on YouTube in February. Getting such a great response with viewers. I wrote it in honor of my older brother, Shane, with the birth of his son, Hunter, and my younger brother, Adam, with the birth of his first son, Andrew. They were born 3 months apart and brought us all together as a family, sitting at my grandmother's house enjoying the moment. But in the back of our minds, we all were missing our mom, Sandra, who passed suddenly a few years prior. She loved her kids and would have been over the moon with these boys. In the middle of being torn with joy for my brothers and missing my mom, I walked by the famous anonymous poem "Footprints in the Sand" hanging on the wall. That's when the idea came of how my brothers must feel, how anyone would feel wanting to guide their child on the right path. To give them all their dreams and to teach them every moment to chase after them. That was my mom, the dreamer. Listen to others, be only what you feel in your heart. I have my whole life with my Music. I write all my songs, from the heart and have begun to write songs for others who can't. It's a healing, therapeutic process for me and has been my whole life. There is just something special when you can touch some ones heart with words and a pen. But the feelings and emotions, caring behind it is what I feel separates me from others. My mom had that talent and has passed it down to all her 5 kids.

Q: What's it like to be performing and making a connection to people through your music?

A: As for performing I'll perform anywhere. Through all this, it has been amazing. Fans globally that have reached out to share what my Music means to them. Canada, South Africa, Europe, Australia, schools, parents; it's been amazing the impact of music. This is what I've always felt I wanted to do and I have a huge heart. And now living it everyday is amazing. I hope to have a huge announcement next month once I travel to Tennessee for business allowing me to continue reaching more and more of my fans performing. Without them, I would not be able to continue out my dreams. They mean everything.

Q: Where do your musical inspirations come from?

A: My inspirations to even get started were in country music without a doubt. My all-time favorite is Tim McGraw. His song selection, unique voice, stage presence and longevity is amazing. Others I currently look up to I think there is something said when an artist writes as I do, something comes out from the song and your heart when you have an emotional connection in writing the lyrics. Others I currently look up to are Eric Church, Chris Stapleton, Keith Urban, Luke Bryan, Brantley Gilbert, Vince Gill, Kelsey Ballerini, Taylor Swift etc.

Be sure to check out Clint Stanton's new record "Walk in my Footsteps" so you can get to know him even better!

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