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Garth Brooks Breaks Record With SIX MILLION Concert Tickets Sold

Unsurprisingly, Garth Brooks has wowed us again.The country star managed to sell SIX MILLION concert tickets for his world tour with Trisha Yearwood. After reigning in 60 cities and selling five million earlier this year, Garth was blown away by Indianapolis - the city that helped him hit the six million mark. In celebration, Garth gave everyone at the indianapolis show a white T-shirt reading, “6,000,000 Tickets - American Touring Record”. They were also given a towel reading the same phrase.

Garth recently created an instagram post with the caption reading,

“We did this TOGETHER! THANK YOU for being part of the 6 MILLION!! Every ticket has a story and I would LOVE to hear yours!!! Join me by changing your profile photo and sharing YOUR story! This is OUR record!! love love love, g #EveryOneCounts”. It is clear that Garth has a genuine love for his fans.

Since 2014, Brooks and his wife have played over 364 shows in 71 different cities, and counting. The three-year world tour will end in December of this year.

Brooks recently announced that he will be putting out his first book ever. The book will be an anthology with five separate parts. “Part 1, The First Five Years” will be released on November 14th. The book will come with five CDs so that readers can really dive into and experience his history and sound evolution from a new perspective.

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