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New Kalie Shorr EP Coming Your Way!

We are so excited to share that Kalie Shorr’s brand new EP comes out on January 26, 2018! Kalie is a singer-songwriter in today’s trending country music who is increasingly growing in popularity. And she will be releasing her seven-song collection called “Awake” which is

now available for pre-sale! Shorr’s song, “Two Hands”, is her lead single and is already released on Apple Music, Spotify, and several radio stations including Tune-In Country Roads and Radio Disney Country. The successful single gives a fun vibe that will get your head moving! Shorr has an enjoyable pop-country feel that listeners with youthful energy and has a passion toward woman’s empowerment. In a release, Shorr discusses the story and development behind her new EP. “This project is the first time I’ve tuned everything else out but my own gut feeling on who I am and what makes me unique. This past summer, I bought a new electric guitar, met an amazing producer, and fell back in love with the records that made me want to write songs in the first place. Before I knew it, the Awake EP was born. I couldn’t be more excited for its release. This record feels like the most authentic introduction to me I could give anyone.” With her input, you already know that her EP is going to be amazing!

Shorr will go on a tour on the 12th of February in the CMT Next Women of Country. So do not forget to check out Kalie Shorr's new EP as it will delight your ears with some classic country infused with some energetic pop!

Here are the names of her new tunes:

1. “Awake” 2. “Two Hands” 3. “Candy” 4. “Backseat” 5. “Damn Sky” 6. “Who What When Where Why” 7. “Cool Kids”


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