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5 Jason Aldean Songs You Should CRANK UP on his Birthday

Today marks 41 years of Jason Aldean's trips around the sun! In celebration of the country giant's birthday, here are our top 5 picks that you should be CRANKIN UP on this most special of days!!!

5. "You Make It Easy"

You gotta love his old stuff, but on the other hand, you've gotta keep moving forward with the artist. The latest single from Jason shows a lot of promise for his next record to come and we are SO STOKED for it. Since he decided to be all artistic and such with his three music videos for the tune, here's a live performance of it from The Tonight Show.

4. "Night Train"

A beautiful love song about escaping into the night with your honey. "I got a blanket and a fifth of Comfort". All the essentials that make listening to this song that much sweeter.

3. "Big Green Tractor"

One of the all time classics. The first Jason Aldean song I think I remember hearing. This OG song perfectly captures Jason's knack for catchy melodies you can't get out of your head and his witty country charm.

2. "Straight to Hell" with Darius Rucker, Luke Bryan and Charles Kelley

Though technically a Darius Rucker song, it would not be complete without the combination of these four fantastic friends all working together as one. The result, maybe one of the best songs of 2017.

1. "I Won't Back Down"

October 2nd was one of the hardest days for America to swallow in 2017. We were brewing in the aftermath of one of the most horrible mass shooting in American history, and on top of that, we lost one of the most loved and universally acclaimed musicians in recent memory. The week was hard enough for most of us to deal with, but Jason had to witness it from the stage. In a display of unbelievable courage, Jason took to Saturday Night Live at the end of the week to open the show with a truly moving tribute to the Route 91 victims and Tom Petty. Truly a pinnacle moment for him as an artist and as a man.

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