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Kip Moore Shows that Less is More in EP- Room to Spare

In September of 2011 Kip Moore debuted on country radio with the undeniably country single, “Somethin Bout a Truck,” which went number one on Billboard Hot Country Songs and peaked at 39 on Billboard Hot 100. He followed it up with the single, “Beer Money,” keeping it redneck by putting beer on a pedestal, but leaning more towards “love song”, saying, “hey, I can take you away from it all with this beer money in my pocket if you’ll let me.” In 2013, he truly let his sensitive side show with the beautiful story love song, “Hey Pretty Girl.” Since then he’s kept our foots tapping, but has not let us forget about his capacity for a good love story; and in his new acoustic EP, Room to Spare, he truly let’s that storytelling side of him shine.

When “Somethin Bout a Truck” was climbing to number one, we were all grooving along with it and having a good time, but the question arose- can Kip’s raspy country vocal support a ballad as well as it does a redneck foot tapper about a truck? Obviously he left not a shadow of a doubt in anyone’s mind with “Hey Pretty Girl,” but Room to Spare takes it a step further. With an almost entirely acoustic production, Moore’s real, raw, rasp is brought to the forefront in a way that we have rarely seen out of the country star, and it absolutely works. The acoustic version of “Plead the Fifth,” originally featured on Slowheart, presents an entirely different, heartfelt feel to the song; and the subsequent tracks on the EP give a similar vibe. From “Tennessee Boy” about the value of good friends, good love, and good liquor; to the honest love song of a lonely man, “Come Home with You,” Kip Moore shows his prowess as a singer and a storyteller. And every song is simply good country music, which is why I highly recommend you take a listen to Room to Spare: The Acoustic Sessions, lean in, and crank it up.

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