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Like A Lady

I’m warning y’all now, don’t get caught talking bad about Hannah Anders’ man—she won’t hit you or nothing, but she’s definitely not holding her tongue! If you don't believe me, just go ahead and listen to her sassy new single "Like A Lady".

"Well this bar is too small for a mouth that big / and you keep getting louder after every swig". Anders comes out the gate swinging. Immediately, she lets you know just what you're in for, and lets you know she's in charge here. With lines like,"A man like mine don't tolerate a girl like you for long / and he saved up his loving till the right one came along", Hannah puts this loud-mouthed woman in her place (I mean someone's gotta do it). It is just a song, but Hannah is able to present the narrative so well that you witness the cat fight first hand. Her powerful and ringing voice draws you in and the fun rhythm of the song throws you in the middle of it - by the end, you'll think you told that lady to shut her mouth.

This song is a must listen for everyone, so what are you waiting for???

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