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April N. Smith. "4 Shots"

Country roots run deep for singer/songwriter April N. Smith. Born and raised in East Texas, Smith learned her craft performing on stages around the region. Finally finding her voice through writing from personal experiences, Smith has stepped into the spotlight backed by a veritable dream team of musicians and producers. Coming back to the stage and to music after raising her girls was like coming home for Smith and home never felt so good! Her new single “4 Shots” is self-penned and sure to have you ready for summer sun mixed with a little salt and lime!

I do not drink beer. Never have.

And I catch a lot of flak for that! So, when my friends and I get ready to party, I’m gonna have tequila on ice.

I came up with a fun lake/river drinking song about having a good time with four shots of tequila mixed in with a crowd of beer drinkers.

- April

Listen in to celebrate life and good times with April N. Smith!


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