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Aspen Jacobsen’s Latest Release Speaks of Her Talent of Meaningful Storytelling

Multi-instrumentalist and folk singer/songwriter, Aspen Jacobsen, is a rising talent, whose star is burning brighter with each song she writes and every performance she does. Her folksy and country style is not one typically heard with artists as young as Aspen. She hopes to carry the traditions of this genre while also making it more relatable with her generation. At just 9 years of age, Aspen found her purpose while busking for tips with a little red ukulele. She learned the basics by ear—a method that works for her today—and, at the age of 10, began songwriting. Soon after, Aspen was performing at listening rooms and festivals and was awarded multiple scholarships for her astounding musicality. Today, Aspen furthers a variety of Americana styles through a series of personal and purposeful singles.Aspen tells stories like a country artist and speaks her mind like a folk musician. Her personal and progressive original songs recall the approach of Joni Mitchell, and Ani DiFranco—two artists steeped in music history but not bound to it.

Her new single, “Shouldn’t Give a Damn,” is the second in a series of songs with big name producer, Dominic Davis, who also played bass for the song. Aspen and Dominic have been working together since meeting several years ago at the Wheatland Music Festival. This country-laced folk song has a Kacey Musgraves feeling to it with a hint of a young Taylor Swift in her vocals. She even includes the fiddle in the song, played by Maya de Vitry. “Shouldn’t Give a Damn” is an empowering song about toxic relationships. She sings “And you don’t even know who I am/You just take and take everything that you can/And I shouldn’t give a damn,” speaking on the one-sidedness these relationships tend to expend. One partner expects the other to be something they aren’t, yet slowly chipping away at your beliefs, values, and feelings.

Listen here:

This new single was recorded at OmniSound Studios in Nashville with Chief Engineer Rory Rositas. OmniSound Studios has been one of Nashville’s top recording studios for over 35 years. Rory Rositas has worked with multiple gold and platinum musicians. Studio musicians for these new songs include Fred Eltringham (drums), Anthony da Costa (guitar), Dominic Davis (bass), Larrissa Maestro (cello), Maya de Vitry (fiddle & background vocals), and Rachael Davis (background vocals).

Aspen writes stories that have meaning and aims to highlight social issues. “Shouldn’t Give a Damn” is only the second in a series of songs to do just that. This emotional song makes way for what’s to come, and we can’t wait to see what Aspen has next. You can find Aspen Jacobsen via Website // Instagram // Facebook // YouTube // Spotify // Soundcloud


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