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Austin English Releases Latest Single "In The Mix"

Top-30 Texas-Charting Singer/Songwriter Austin English Releases Latest Single "In The Mix" to Mainstream Country

"In the Mix" serves up a clever blend of romance and music for sweet summertime groove

After releasing a series of songs over the last several years which collectively racked up nearly a quarter-million streams and earned both a Top-30 and Top-40 on the Texas charts, singer/songwriter Austin English is slated to release his latest single "In the Mix" to the country mainstream this Thursday, May 27. Produced by Grady Saxman and written by Zach Abend and Casey Twist, and former Waterloo Revival members George Birge and Cody Cooper, "In the Mix" is a clever blend of music and romance with contemporary, uptempo groove, and a perfect addition to your summertime playlist. "In the Mix" premieres TODAY on Taste of Countryand is available through most retail outlets, including AppleMusic and Spotify.

"'In The Mix’ reminds me of a very specific point in my life—coming home for the holiday, seeing that girl you had a crush on, meeting up with friends at a pasture party. Some people might call it cliché, but the song is about real life and things that really happen where I come from," explains English. "The thing I like most about ‘In the Mix’ is that I lived it, and I think fans will relate to it too…and it doesn’t hurt that it has a catchy melody.”

 'Cause when you're mixin' those drinks, girl, they're hittin' me twice as strong, and every George Strait song sounds better when you're singin' along, This country air is sweeter with your perfume. The stars shine brighter when they're over you. Turn a 'down for whatever' to a 'don't get better than this'...when you're in the mix!"

"In the Mix" marks a new beginning for the 6'6" Austin-area-based artist as he widens his reach and pursues his music on a national level and the follow-up to his successful 2020 releases, "Goodnight Marie," and "Willie Nelson T-Shirt" (which collectively garnerednearly 100,000 streams). For more information on Austin English, please visit

About Austin English: For well over a decade, Austin English has been pounding on the door to stardom. The hard-to-ignore, 6’6” Texas-native has commanded many of the biggest stages in the Texas Midwest and Mountain West with his high-energy shows (including the Highway 30 Music Festival, Texas Hall of Fame, White Elephant Saloon (in the Ft. Worth Stockyard), Rodeo Austin, and Gruene Hall), wowed as an opener for national artists (including but not limited to) Charlie Daniels Band, Granger Smith, Daryle Singletary, Tracy Byrd, Reckless Kelly, Gary Allan, Cody Johnson, Will Hoge, and Radney Foster, and garnered hundreds of thousands of fans with his dynamic vocals and songs that are both authentic and infectious. English’s music is reflective of his rural upbringing in the Blackland-Prairie town of Elgin but as eclectic and diverse as Texas landscape where he was raised. Sandwiched between Hill Country, the Gulf Coast, Piney Woods, and the South Texas Plains, English began his professional career as a teenager performing with a band called The Crop Dusters across the area. Later, he would step away from the group to focus on his songwriting, drawing inspiration from two iconic, neighboring taproots: the Coupland Inn & Dancehall, and the bustling Austin music scene—hallowed ground where outlaws and legendary balladeers performed and shaped the direction of many genres of music. In 2019, English released a trio of singles, “Pieces,” “7th Street,” and “Heartache in a Small Town,” that would collectively garner nearly 100,000 streams with little to no promotion, the later notching his first top-30 hit on the Texas chart and widening the door of opportunity to explore his music on a national scale. Springboarding upon this success, English signed with 40 West Entertainment, and aligned with the top songwriters and producers in Nashville to release “Willie Nelson T-Shirt” and “Goodnight Marie” which amassed another nearly 100,000 streams in short order. English is currently in the studio working on a new project. His first single from the sessions, “In the Mix” is slated for release on May 27. If you’d like to learn more about Austin English, be sure to visit his official website at and be sure to follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube for the latest news, information and music. His music is available online for purchase, stream, and playlisting through most major outlets, including Spotify, AppleMusic, GooglePlay, and more!


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