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Dariann Leigh Pours Us Another Shot of “Jackson” In Newest Single

When Dariann Leigh moved from Karlstad, Mn (Population 713) to Nashville, she found comfort in dreaming of her small town she once called home. With small town humility and big city star power Leigh outdoes herself with every new song she releases. In “Jackson”, Leighs most recent release, Dariann tells the story of trying to make life make sense.

Listen to “Jackson” HERE:

In a true Dariann Leigh fashion, her play on words make the lyrics of the song enticing and undeniably catchy. ”’One more shot of Jackson' to me has so many meanings. It could be that second sip from that glass, or one more shot at a chance to chase your dreams,” exposes Leigh regarding a verse from the song.

From a town of no stoplights, to Nashville, TN, the country music capital of the world, Dariann found herself longing to be back in her small one-stop shop of a town and the feelings that come with it. "Jackson isn't a place for me, it's a state of mind. The dreams that make you push for more, and the strength to know how to get there.” With features on The Boot, Country Rebel, CMT, and more, Dariann never let her small home town hold her back. If anything, it pushed her to work harder and shaped her to the artist she is today.

Listening to “Jackson” feels as though you are looking straight into Leigh’s heart. Her vulnerability draws the audience in and allows the country storytelling and symbolism to make the readers feel like they are listening to a diary entry.

Dariann says, “Growing up I always thought that things that happened in life were either faith or fate.” She continues by sharing, “Maybe it was meant to happen, or maybe it was a message from the big man upstairs. I’ve realized that a lot of what happens is really never either, or it’s a mixture of the two.”

In a contemplation between faith and fate, “Jackson” is a song full of real stories from singer/songwriter, Dariann Leigh’s, life. For more on Dariann Leigh, visit and follow @dariannleigh on social media.


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