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Drew Smith Releases Trio of Singles

February 17, 2023

Drew Smith released three singles earlier this month, ‘Don’t Wake Me Up,’ ‘Calling Me Back,’ and ‘The Bottom Of It.’ The latter of these three, ‘The Bottom Of It,’ is a laid back song that explores the feelings of being unsure where he stands with someone at the beginning of a relationship. The song articulates all the thoughts that go through everyone’s mind in that situation and uses excellent visuals to such as, “we’re both right there on the edge, but nobody’s crossing that line.’

The other two songs ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’ and ‘Calling Me Back’ are written in the inverse situation where you are looking back on a relationship and all the feelings that go with missing someone. ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’ is about wanting to stay asleep so that you can continue to dream about someone that has been lost. ‘Calling Me Back’ is a song about the memories calling him back to places that he has spent with the person that he can’t get off his mind.

Listen to all three songs and follow Drew Smith Here:


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