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Eva Sita’s New R&B and Pop Single “Joon” Comes Out Strong with a Statement of Moving On

Photo Credit: Nick Cosentino

Eva Sita’s story rings true for too many people, while also being so unfamiliar to the individuals of our own personal worlds. Born and raised until the age of 10 in West Africa to an Ivorian mother and a French father, she and her family became war refugees, forcing them to leave and move to Paris. She took that and created art. Her music is heavily influenced by African instruments and beats blended with the sounds of pop, Latin, and R&B. She speaks and sings in three languages and accompanies herself on just as many instruments, one including the Kora, a traditional African string instrument. She even made history as being the first and only Ivorian woman to graduate from the Berklee College of Music, and doesn’t plan on stopping there.

Eva released her catchiest single yet. “Joon” packs a musical punch, with a striking violin and electronic pop beats to open the song. The overall vibe is that of Beyonce meets Dua Lipa, with a hint of Latin sounds weaved in. There are 6 different instruments on this track including violin, djembe, drums, guitar, bass, and piano. Eva plays the piano and, of course, lends her soulful vocals.

“Joon” was inspired by a football game of all things, where she made a bet with the crush she was watching the game with, on who would win. If she won, he had to buy her dinner, and if he

won, she had to write a song for him. Well, he won and “Joon” was born. Unfortunately, while their relationship didn’t last, “Joon” lived on to tell it’s own tale of letting go, of not wanting to jump into a relationship. She named the song “Joon” for the guy she wrote the song for. He’s Persian and giving nicknames to someone is a sign of affection. “I first started with chords, I chose some ‘spicy’ triad chords and decided to play them with a Latin rhythmic piano comping,” says Eva. “I then sang some melodies borrowing from the harmonic minor scale (often used in middle eastern music) as I really wanted to give off the ‘vibe’ of the Persian guy I was writing this song for. It was a funny experience to write such a nice and honest breakup song.”

You can find Eva Sita via: Website // Instagram // Facebook // YouTube // Spotify // Soundcloud // Apple Music // Listen to the single here


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