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Everything old is new again! Well, at least with country-soul singer, Temperance Lancecouncil and her sassy, female empowerment song, “Bet Not Take My Soul.” Just a few short years ago, Lancecouncil released the song, having described it as a “song of strength.” Lyrically, it's a song about a woman taking back her power after her man 'done her wrong,' as the vernacular goes.

It was received with critical praise back then, but recently the singer-songwriter decided to publicly dedicate the song to talk show host, Wendy Williams, who hasn't been able to return as scheduled to her internationally popular, daytime television show. Since one only has to Google Ms. Williams to learn that the dissolution of her marriage was front and center in the media, and that it involved another woman ... Lancecouncil decided to publicly dedicate the empowerment-driven tune to the talk show host.

“Bet Not Take My Soul” is about a man who ditches his woman for another, and he lawfully takes her money as he moves on with his new love. It's the kind of gritty, country-soul music that Lancecouncil is known for and she sings it with true grit. Says, the singer-songwriter, “I've always respected Williams because she's a broadcasting pioneer of sorts, but when she began talking about her love of the Oak Ridge Boys and then had them on her show – as a country-soul singer – I gained a new respect for her. I saw that show and it was delightful.”

While “Bet Not Take My Soul” appears to lean towards the stereotypical, 'somebody-done-somebody-wrong' kind of song, it's also very empowering because the woman in the song doesn't allow that “somebody” to break her mind, body, soul or spirit. “Women have got to mentally fight back and not be broken when somebody does them wrong, because that's life. It happens. This is applicable to all women, including Ms. Williams, and I do hope that she soon regains her footing and returns to her immensely popular show. Maybe she'll get more country artists booked and that would be amazing,”says Lancecouncil.

Speaking of everything old being new again, the country-soul recording artist, who hails from a small town on the Virginia, Carolina line, reflected on how great this year's CMAs were! She especially took note of the amazing Miranda Lambert's performance of her 2008 fan-favorite, “Gunpowder and Lead.”She says, “While “Bet Not Take My Soul” doesn't even compare, she believes both songs do offer an element of female empowerment and speak towards women reclaiming their strength. “I've got Miranda's song on loop, right along with Carrie Underwood's “Before He Cheats.” I love those songs because the women take back their own power. I hope Ms. Williams can take back any power that she may have lost after the public breakup of her twenty-something year marriage, and I hope she's back on television entertaining America real soon.”


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