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In her new single, Carly Pearce tries to warn the “Next Girl”!

There’s probably not a woman on the planet that can’t relate to Carly Pearce’s new single “Next Girl”. You meet a man, he says the most humble, considerate, vulnerable things and you can’t even believe your luck. He’s the one! And you didn’t even actually buy into that sort of thing! Pretty soon after you’ve definitely fallen for the guy, aka the-point-of-extremely-difficult-return, Mr. Hyde introduces himself, you start acting like a crazy person and everything seems to be your fault. Sound familiar? Yeah... But now that you’re smarter and you see the predator about to strike again, are you going to say anything? The CMA Song of the Year nominee decides to be a big sister and to at least try to warn a potential new victim in this new release. The song is very conversational and easy to take in, “I bet he said he never falls this hard. Yeah, I remember that part!”. It’s a woman talking to another and trying to show her that she knows something that the other doesn’t yet. For “Next Girl” Carly teamed up with Nashville based songwriting wizards Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne, writers who know how to appreciate a brilliantly crafted lyric over a traditional tune, following her biggest influences of 80’s and 90’s country, like Patty Loveless. The song is upbeat and bluegrassy, with bouncy banjo lines and an easy flowing train rhythm in the drums and is actually quite a bit in opposition to the lyrics speaking of broken trust, hurt and caution. But exactly this opposing combination creates an amazing sense of maturity, strength and moving on, qualities that so perfectly represent what Carly Pearce has to offer as an artist and singer. The harmonies are rather cheerful and even joined by clapping sounds in the chorus, when she lists all the things she knows the next girl is probably liking about her new Casanova, “he knows how to say all the right things, knows how to get you outta that dress”. Only the second verse dips into some minor chords when she explains how the “ex girl, she tried like hell”, a powerful real moment in the song that let’s the listener relate instantly to the pain that relationship must have caused and showcases Pearce’s compelling vocal expression. The song ends in a very cool lyrical twist as “the next girl” turns into “I know what happens next, girl!”. The music stops on “next” and you can just tell how she’s genuinely trying to get through to the person when only her vocal remains on the word “Girl!”. “Next girl” is a great song about holding your head high, girl power and trying to help someone else out even if they might not listen. Let’s hope they do ;)


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