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Lizzy McAlpine reaches new heights with ‘ceilings’

Lizzy McAlpine and her song ‘ceilings’ have taken the world by storm. As the backing track to a viral TikTok trend with participants like Jimmy Fallon and Victoria Justice, ‘ceilings’ quickly became one of the most popular songs in the world. Raking in over 110 million plays on spotify, 500 thousand TikTok videos using the song, and 3.3 million views on the official music video, this makes ‘ceilings’ McAlpine’s most played song in her discography.

Released on McAlpine's second album five seconds flat last April, ‘ceilings’ was never intended to be a single. McAlpine never expected ‘ceilings’ to gain the traction that it has. She even said she expected ‘all my ghosts’ to be the most popular off of five seconds flat. But, like a large majority of the most popular songs, ‘ceilings’ was chosen as the fan favorite.

You can listen to ‘ceilings’ on all streaming platforms, and watch the official music video linked below.

Here you can view an example of the viral trend:

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