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Matt Westin Is Triumphant On "Thin Blue Line"

Matt Westin captures a true sense of pride with the country rock twang of “Thin Blue Line”. Lyrics tie the whole thing together. His deep reassuring voice moves forward with a sense of determination. The band works in full swing, for the rhythms have an infectious giddiness to them. With the song’s soaring attitude, the piece absolutely teems with life. A sense of a gratitude emerges throughout the piece one that offers kind words for a whole multitude of individuals willing to sacrifice their safety for the safety of others. By doing this there is a purposeful stance, one that stands tall throughout. This, coupled with some of the athletics of the guitar riffs, further makes sure that the fiery passion in the initial burst of the work is never lost.

Right from the beginning the storytelling takes front and center stage. Attention to detail matters for he tells of the life that so many have lived, in how they have given it all to make the world just a little bit better. Triumph reigns supreme over the sound, while it unfurls in its own natural way to ensure that the level of compassion feels wonderful. Done with such dignity, there is a little bit of space given for those flourishes, from the guitar work to the way the drums hit with so much physicality behind them.

“Thin Blue Line” features the undeniable power of Matt Westin in capturing the importance of protection and saving others.

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