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Morgan Wallen Strikes Brilliant Recovery on SNL for Being Short Sighted in the First Place

If you own your mistakes and God also gave you an outrageous portion of charm, then you shall receive second chances. Morgan Wallen finally debuted on SNL this past Saturday to make up for his cancelled appearance on Oct 9th. Wallen had been seen out partying a week before the original date disregarding any COVID 19 safety precautions and had to stay home.

In hindsight it might have gotten him a much better SNL premiere than he would have had without his misbehaving. On Saturday he didn’t only perform stellar versions of his two songs “7 Summers” and “Still Going Down”, but he also got to play himself in a sketch with the SNL cast, making fun of himself for being irresponsible.

The time travel sketch plays in a bar and Morgan Wallen is wearing the same outfit as on the video of him at a crowded house party kissing a woman that caused turmoil on TikTok. Future versions of himself also wearing the same t-shirt, bandana and hat, played amongst others by host of the evening Jason Bateman, try to warn him that he’ll get booted from the show, but also let him know that he’ll get to come back later. At the end they all chime in to a new song Morgan says he came up with and sing: “So let’s all raise a glass up, and I’ll thank you in advance, for giving this poor Southern boy a second Yankee chance”, with the entire SNL cast laying into some twangy phrasing.

Being the natural entertainer that Morgan Wallen is, he also got a chance to prove himself as a pretty good actor on this occasion. He was clearly enjoying himself on the show, being glad for the opportunity and definitely secured a place in our hearts with his remorseful puppy eyes. Oh you’ll get away with anything Morgan!


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