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“My Restraining Order (Won't Do)” Is A Country-Soul, 'Soap Opera' Kind Of Song!

Country-soul singer, Temperance Lancecouncil, has brought the tale of fed-up country girls like herself, to something akin to a daytime soap-opera or a staged, operatic production, in her new dramatic release, “My Restraining Order (Won't Do).”

As the singer of this fiery, emotional tale about a woman who has done all that she can, but to no avail, to support her man during his days of darkness, Lancecouncil, the sultry, country chanteuse, exhibits so much drama and passion in the song, that one can easily imagine the song's scenes being acted out in a daytime soap-opera or a Broadway opera.

There are excitable ebbs and flows of heartache, pain and struggle throughout the song, as one listens to the tense, breathy pauses between verses. It's obvious that there's a whole lot of raw emotion going on!

In this highly-charged, storytelling of the country girl who gave it her all until the climactic, bitter end, the song comes to its crescendo as Lancecouncil, also the songwriter, sings off a litany of wrong-doings in the relationship that forced love's defeat and nullified the marital vows. It's in that heart-reckoning process that the singer wails about calling in a higher authority to intervene in the saga's final act.

One Chicago deejay has said the song “packs an inspirational tone; and Lancecouncil, a former Virginia-Carolina-line woman who now resides in Southern California, says the song packs a powerful punch about love gone all the way wrong and way off the rails.

Hoping to make a leap back to the South, Lancecouncil says she's searching for a new Nashville beau and a new record deal, as she has nothing restraining her to the West Coast, and 'SoCal' just will no longer do (for her).

“My Restraining Order (Won't Do),” via its dramatic storytelling and musical phrasing, is filled with all of the suspense of an opera - whether it be a televised soap opera or an opera produced on the “The Great White Way.”

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