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Night School

Larry Jay is back with another dynamic single release, “Night School.” Following the trend of releasing singles every couple of months, Larry Jay is amassing quite the catalog of hits and memorable tracks. “Night School” goes back into Larry’s wheelhouse of contemporary Country styling and thematic lyrics revolving around the most elementary human condition; love and desire. Approaching this track Larry has chosen to base his lyrics around the idea of learning about connection with his chosen subject matter in a school setting. By using vivid imagery and rich metaphor, Larry Jay paints us a picture of what the “Night Schoo”l is actually teaching us. “I’m an A+ student, ‘cause I rub you the right way.” And a little more forward; “With handsome learning, on your playground.” Put these proactive and seductive lyrics over a Country melody, which borrows from the Americana style of chord arrangements and structures and we have a dynamic piece which is catchy, repeatable, and a song to sing along to. Is this a song to use to court a new love interest, probably not, however, “Night School” sure likes to get to the point of what the subject does to our singer in the matter of desire. Larry Jay incorporates a couple of very interesting harmonic ideas in “Night School.” The open chord strumming patterns on his acoustic guitar help keep timing and the rhythm moving constantly forward. He also has chosen a simple stop break concept to introduce the main melody and again leans on it through the recapitulation phase of the track. By putting these two melodic markers in the opening and closing sections of the track, it assists in shaping the overall fullness of Larry Jay’s songwriting talents. What we really have is an ability to capture the audience’s attention, giving cues that a narrative is about to unfold, which he then incorporates again to say he is done talking and it is up to the listener to capture the overall meaning and reflect on it. Although “Night School” tends to strike a risqué tone in its lyrical composition, this track still possesses great commercial potential on modern Country radio. “Night School” delivers the Country vibe, staying true to the hit-song formula while giving the listener some real meat to chew on. “Night School” is a wonderful track to add to Larry Jay’s already unique collection of tracks in which he pushes the envelope of what is considered a pop formula.


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