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Steamy Music Video for a Not So "Heartless" Nate DiRuzza

Nashville based singer-songwriters, Nate DiRuzza has often been given the title of 'rock 'n' folk Romeo' however, the once lovesick artist is now left "Heartless." A relationship gone wrong: loosing the girl DiRuzza thought was 'the one' left him in his room with a guitar feeling apathetic towards all things music.

Then, he was blessed with the song, "Heartless." Feeling as though all of his emotions and misery was taken out of him and put straight into music, the single lit a spark back into the artist. With creativity in mind and passion relit within him, Nate DiRuzza released a steamy music video to go with the melodramatic single. A 70's inspired music video with a groovy aesthetic and a provactive storyline that draws you in and keeps you on your toes, the "Heartless" music video is a must watch!

With each and every single he releases, Nate DiRuzza is continuing to make a name for himself in the music industry. Bold, authentic and vulnerable, DiRuzza holds nothing back. For more on Nate DiRuzza and his expressive music, visit and follow @NateDiRuzza on all social media platforms!


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