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The Many Hits of Morgan Matthews

Who is Morgan Matthews? You may have never heard the name before, but believe it or not you have probably heard his music before! Morgan Matthews is a songwriter and producer that has worked with many different artists across many different genres. Matthews is a musical chameleon when it comes to producing songs for other artists. He can seamlessly transition from R&B hits to country tunes and everything in between with ease. This sense of genre-bending is what lends such credibility and creativity to Matthews’ music.

Matthews’ catalogue of music includes international hits and songs that transcend just one genre of music. For example, “Pulang (feat. AJ)” which was co-written by Matthews reached #1 on the “Most Streamed Singles in Malaysia” chart. Matthews’ chart success does not end there, however. Alicia Keys’ “Show Me Love,” which was co-written and produced by Matthews, reached #1 on the Adult R&B songs chart on Billboard. Matthews also worked on rap artist Gunna’s album “Drip or Drown 2,” which peaked at #1 on Billboard’s “Top Rap Albums” chart.

It takes a level of musical expertise to be able to shape your abilities to best fit the artist you’re working with, and Morgan Matthews has clearly mastered that ability. What lies next for Matthews is yet to be seen, but sure to be impressive. Follow along on Instagram @morganlikesmusic and check out his website for more hits.


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