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The New EP from Central New Jersey’s Working Class Hussys Marries Roots & Rock

Working Class Hussys provide catchy melodies, infectious lyrics, and passionate music. They really do sing for the everyman and EP 1 gives us everything we want in music

Working Class Hussys is unlike any band we’ve heard before. This Americana meets roots meets rock band is lead by multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Ian Patrick Gentles. Their big chorus’s, crunchy guitar, and vocal twang, which Ian obtained after spending 12 years as an open road trucker, is what separates them from every other musical group out there. Their music has southern, heartland, and rock influence and they sing about the lives of everyday people. Working Class Hussys just released their newest EP, appropriately titled EP1. This three song EP is unlike anything you will find on the music market. The first song, “Beliefs,” has a Tom Petty meets Pete Yorn vibe. They play with the dramatic high and low of the guitar. It’s loud and rock and roll one second and the next it’s more like an Americana style of play. “Beliefs” is about personal truths that each person holds due to personal experiences and accepting that everyone will have different beliefs.

The next song on the EP is “Elaine” has more of a White Stripes with a hint of Santana vibe. “Elaine” is about that feeling you had as a kid, when you played with all the neighborhood kids whenever you felt like it. Kids would go off and entertain themselves. It's about remembering a time less complicated. “This is a song about the innocence of youth,” shares Ian. “I had recently returned to my old neighborhood decades later and was inspired to write about it after seeing how let go and run-down it had gotten. So in that sense, it's also a tale about how you can never go back home. It’s not just about one thing, it’s more complex, but everyone sees a different story.” The last song is “Home on Time (Dog Gone),” a softer rock song and the addition of the piano. It has a more mystical feeling to it because the piano is used in a high key. This song was written when Ian and his wife were driving back to her childhood home because her dog had just died. The 10-hour journey prompted Ian to write this song about how there are ups and downs in life. Ultimately, everything passes and this song is about accepting the bad with the good we all experience.

Listen to EP 1 here:

You can find Working Class Hussys via: Website // Instagram // Facebook // YouTube // Spotify // Soundcloud


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