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The Newest Album from Todd Omohundro is What Keeps Us Whole

Todd Omohundro, also known artistically as Todd O, has sung with the likes of Pink, Chicago, varied Broadway Stars, The Philadelphia Orchestra, The Philly Pops, taught music to thousands of kids as a Pennsylvania Public School Music Teacher (directed 8 Broadway Jr. school musicals) and the musical journey continues! Born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, as a little boy he was ALWAYS enraptured with music. In 1977, Todd O saw Chicago perform in Hershey Pennsylvania and stood right in front of Terry Kath and basically had a mystical experience. He knew right then he wanted to be a musician who fused together jazz, rock, pop, classical and world music styles that gave people a joy in their souls that is magical! Other major influences were seeing Billy Joel and Sting at the Spectrum in Philadelphia, seeing River Dance in London with Michael Flatley before it hit big and performing at A Dueling Piano bar at 8th & Market Streets in Philadelphia for 5 years. Todd O has performed over 6000 times the last 25 years while being a public school music teacher. Todd has experienced a very rich musical life. Todd is a member of the Broadway Dreams Music Theater Community and even played a "detective" extra in the movie Law Abiding Citizen starring Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx.

Todd is an impressive individual, and his newest album, The Future is Calling, gives us a glimpse at what he’s capable of. This Rock-Jazz album has all the hints of Chicago meets Jimi Hendrix and a big Musical Theatre vibe, with sounds similar to Hairspray, Chicago, and Rent. This stunning 10 song album boasts of Todd’s deep understanding of music.

Todd says “My grandest wish as an artist now is to inspire people and have concerts that are like a combination music show and inspirational seminar.” In The Future is Calling, he gives us what we need in a world that’s slowly falling apart around us. We get songs with themes of love. “When You Feel True Love” is all about the feeling you get when you love someone, that nothing else matters in the world and everything around you disappears, “Taste of Honey'' is an ode to love and “Dance the Blues Away” is a plea to all the adults of the world to engage with your inner child and dance away all your blues and pain. We get a few songs in there that demand change in our society too, like “The Future is Calling,” about coming together as humans to

create a better future for our children, and “Drowning in Content” about the effect social media has had on our society and how it’s changed us, not necessarily for the better.

Listen to The Future is Calling here:

Todd Omohundro is the musician that we all need today. He inspires joy when all seems lost and reminds us that there is always work to be done, both in ourselves and in humanity as a whole. His love for theatre and music is what separates him from other musicians. We can’t wait to see what he does next. You can find Todd Omohundro via: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify | YouTube


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