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Vee VVUgly Freedom (Toka Remix)

Vee VVformed in Blackpool ‘81 from the ashes ofFactory Records’bandTunnelvision.

They built up a strong local following and established themselves as a hard-hitting live outfit. They played throughout the UK including supports with James, The Gun Club, A Certain Ratio, My Bloody Valentine, The Mighty Lemon Drops, The Beloved and That Petrol Emotion.

Their first release,‘Love Canal’ through Blam! Fanzine was picked up byJohn Peel.

Four of them moved to London in ’83. Gigs at Alan McGhee’s Living Room, amongst others, attracted favourable reviews in ‘the big three’;NME, Sounds and Melody Maker.

Late ’84, tails firmly between legs, they headed back North; Hulme Manchester M15.

‘Kindest Cut’/’Romance is Over’ a 7” was released on Glasgow based Cathexis Recordings. This consolidated their reputation through national music press.

In 1998,Toka launched Bosh Records with its first vinyl release, 'Tomkat' by Toka, produced at the studio of Mark 'Blakkat' Bell, owner of sister labelShaboom. Mark was very instrumental in the formation of the label, helping Toka with his early productions as well as bringing his own 'Artilect' project to the table. 'Tomkat' gained great support from taste makers such asAndrew Weatherall,Jon Marsh and Doc Martin. It was followed by possibly the strongest release, 'Tropika', which with its Fred Everything remix launched the label into the next level.

Over the next 7 years, Bosh released a total of 35 vinyl releases featuring such artists asChris Simmonds,Jason Hodges, David Duriez, Grant Dell, Harri and The Revenge, Corrie, Floorfillerz, Spettro and Pete Dafeet.The label came to an untimely demise in 2005 as vinyl sales crashed taking a number of distributors as casualties.

However, the success of the label propelled Tokas DJ activity, enabling a prolific career with appearances atRelease (Los Angeles) , Spundae and EndUp (San Francisco), Propaganda (Moscow) and with DJ Sneak for the first Sneak Beats at The End, London.His productions and remixes have featured on such labels asDetour, Moody, Robsoul, Bid Muzik and Simple Soul.

After a lengthy break, Bosh re-emerged as a digital label, firstly re-releasing selections from the back catalogue before moving onto new material. The classicElephunk 'Azure'was given a new lease of life with new mixes fromPoncho Warwickand Toka. In the digital domain, the same principles continue, and there have been a ton of amazing releases from such artists asJay Tripwire, Dylan Debut, Orlando Voorn, Dexter, Andrew Macari, Dubman F and many more. Bosh also continues its principal of supporting and developing newer artists, suchas Yana Paisley, Lee Walls and Ryan Heath, Andy Moore, Jardz and Jake Beautyman.


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