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Whey Jennings Stands on His Own Artistic Merit with New Music

Last names say a lot about a person. Mine is Connolly, an Irish name steeped in years of drinking and poor decision making. Jennings, a name as legendary in country as Cash, Parton, and Lynn. Why not capitalize on the name if you’ve got it right? That’s exactly what Whey Jennings has done with his new album Gypsy Soul. Whey doesn’t need the Jennings name though. His abilities as a country musician far exceed anything that name recognition could bring to him. 

 Ballads and straightforward country jams about cowboys, bandits, and gunslingers , Gypsy Soul is so filled with vibrant emotion and storytelling, that it might even have been enough to get stoic old Waylon to show some type of emotional response. The album is a fitting tribute to Whey’s father, Terry, and his grandfather, Waylon Jennings. It manages to keep the rebellious spirit of Outlaw Country alive and well. Be sure to take a listen to this fantastic record when it comes out next year. Watch Whey Jennings perform the title track on Nashville's Channel 4 below.

Article By: Arian Connolly


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