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Why County Wide is “Fool Speed” Ahead Of Other Bands Today

The band's new single captures a summer feeling of living life to the fullest with your friends, with the harsh reality of work in between. It’ll surely be able to resonate with many fans as the band gears up for a string of live shows this summer.

Speaking about “Fool Speed”, bass guitarist and backup vocalist, Anthony Campbell, exclaims “I think this song is very relatable to everyone. It takes me straight back to simpler times when I could just blow off my job and go hang with the boys or chase girls. I love a song that can take me back in time and I feel like this one does just that”.

Drummer, Travis Clem, adds that ‘It pretty much sums up everybody's life story with their first job’. The single is sure to become a memorable piece for the band's upcoming live shows as many fans know them for bringing an original energy that many other bands today can’t provide. “Fool Speed” is set to become a special sing along anthem for their set, sure enough to get the audience on their feet.

Capturing the magic of southern rock giants such as Lynyrd Skynyrd and The Allman Brothers, but bringing in a modern twist and showcasing all five members' talent equally, County Wide are ahead of the game when it comes to celebrating music and good times. They are certainly one to watch moving forward.

The band's new single "Good Advice" releases Friday, September 30, and will be the second single off the upcoming album. Take a listen to "Fool Speed" on YouTube below! And check them out on social media @countywideband.


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